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The poverty poll

April 26th, 2014 by

Folks, one of the resons that some people download stuff for free and illegally is the very simple reason of not being able to afford to pay. A new movie could cost 18 euros and a new CD 15 euros. Or much more! Even rentals at 5 euros could be too much for some, but video rentals are not possible in most of Scandinavia anymore; the local video shacks are almost all gone. It’s all about Netflix and HBO and iPads now. It’s an irony that with HD gadgets being available, we settle for for low quality streams!

The poll question for today is: Have you ever, or do you regularly, download illegally simply to be able to enjoy culture because money is too tight?

Your votes are anonynomous!




Downloading previously bought music

February 9th, 2013 by

I’d like to run another poll with you guys. Please feel free to vote – it is 100% anonynomous!

Poll question: Do you consider it to be piracy to download MP3 files of a previously bought album? Let’s say you own some music as an LP, bought in the 80s. Now you don’t own a turntable anymore, but you can download MP3 or better files from the net from a site that offers unauthorized files. Since you already paid for the LP, should it legally and technically be “piracy” to download these files?




Your reasons for downloading illegally

February 8th, 2012 by

OK, so I have written about why I download stuff illegally. But I won’t pretend that I know why everyone else do it. Here you can cast your vote and participate in a piece of “science” that may give a wider indication of why people download music, films, books and TV from unauthorized sources.

  • Your votes are anonynomous!
  • You should choose 3 reasons
  • There is no “I only download legally” option because this is not a poll about download alternatives, only about illegal downloading




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