March downloads

March 22nd, 2016 by

Hi folks. The winter has been busy, both in terms of computer stuff, downloading and other activites, but one thing that did limit my downloading the last couple of months was the closure of yet another big, private movie tracker. That’s always a loss – I had many movies queued up. Now I have found another one, fortunately, so we’ll see if the downloads increase or if I’ll have to dig more into my archives for movies to watch.

After Christmas I grabbed these DVDRs from the net:

Asterix and the mansion of the gods
Atlas Shruggen part 1
Company of heroes
Dracula Untold
Equalizer, the
Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo drift
Hunger Games 2: Mockingjay 1
Johan Falk 14: Tyst diplomati
Johan Falk 15: Blodsdiamanter
Johan Falk 16: Lockdown
Jurassic World
Keeper, the
Last Knights
Mr Holmes
Mr Turner
Penny Dreadful season one
Possession, the
Rite, the
Scarlet Pimpernell, the (1934)
Sin City 2: A dame to kill for
Skammerens datter (Shamer’s daughter)
Today you die
Toxic Avenger 3 & 4
Untouchables, the
Urban Justice
Vittra (aka Wither)

See you soon!




October downloads

November 7th, 2015 by

Hi again. Does it seem like I am laying low? I’m not, well not in terms of the usual stuff anyway. I do blog less now though, due to other things taking more time than expected. Don’t worry, nobody is on my tail! Anway, in my previous post I explained that I had not downloaded much the last few months, but this time, I have downloaded quite a few things, mostly DVDR movies of course. Let’s simplify it and say that in September and October 2015 I downloaded these movies:

A walk among the tombstones
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
American Ninja 2
Asterix: Mansion of the gods
Babadook, the
Christmas in Flåklypa
Colony, the
Danny’s doomsday
Death warriors
Desperado (western)
Dracula Untold
Equalizer, the
Ex Machina
Fast & Furious 7
From dusk till dawn (the series)
Guardians of the galaxy
In Order of Disappearance
Johan Falk 13
Johan Falk 17
Jupiter ascending
Kingsman 1: Secret service
Knights of bloodsteel
Legendary (aka Tomb of the Dragon)
Mad Max 4: Fury Road
Man with the iron fists 2
Ninja Apocalypse
Northmen: A viking saga
Operation Arktis
Operation Rogue
Poltergeist (2015 remake)
Ragnarok Riddle
Run all night
Sand sharks
Seventh Son
Sin City 2: A dame to kill for
Son of god

See you soon!




I’m back!

August 2nd, 2015 by

Well, something strange has happened. Actually, something has NOT happened and it is the lack of happening that is strange. Since May, I have not downloaded anything, apart from one software and a couple of music album. It has been 3 months without any movie downloads. What happened? Did I get Netflix? No. Netflix has a shitty selection, so I won’t touch it with a pole. Nothing special happened – I simply have had too much to do in terms of work, summer travels and family engagements. Downloading kinda fell into the background, not my choice but by coincidence. “I’m gonna check the tracker tomorrow” has been my plan the last few months. But it didn’t happen.

Until now.

The only thing I am worried about is that my account might have been deleted, since I have not logged in for some time. Let me log in now and see… Hmm, my account seems to be gone. Let’s see if I can register again. Yup, that went well. OK, let’s rock & roll!!



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